Dream Maker Productions: Crew Resume


  • The Rapture
    MDI Film
  • The Learning Lunchbox
    Script Supervisor
    Outreach Communications
  • Spiderman 3
    Craftservice Foreman (Cleveland)
    Columbia Pictures
  • Three Wishes (N.B.C.)
    Production Assistant
    June Productions / Glassman Media
  • Madness
    Co-Producer, Assistant Director
    Cinevid / Dream-Maker Productions
  • A Joker's Card
    Associate Producer
    M.D.I. Films
  • Emotional Re-Load
    Associate Producer
    O.P.T. Video Films
  • Love is a Wonderful Thing
    Dream-Maker / Cinevid Productions
  • Metamorphosis
    Dream-Maker Productions
  • Bet Your Life(NBC Movie)
    Grip Electric,Construction,Art Dept.
    Hour by Hour Productions
  • The Oh in Ohio
    Art Dept., Set Dressing,Swing
    Ambush Entertainment
  • Nike Shoes-King James(Commercial)
    Set Construction, Props Maker
    Oil Factory Productions
  • Pizza Hut Italian Bistro(Commercial)
    Set Decorator
    Reactor Films
  • Rod Stewart(Concert)
    Clear Channel Productions
  • Usher(Concert)
    Concert West Productions
  • Don Giovanni:Mozart
    Cleveland Opera Company
  • Remaking:Vanilla Ice
    Craft Service
    Remote Productions
  • Crown Royal Comedy Soul Festival(Concert)
    Latham Entertainment
  • Silent Service (History Channel)
    Production Assistant
    Greystone Communications
  • Bands on the Run
    Production Assistant
    VH-1 Productions
  • Dog Show (Animal Planet)
    Production Assistant
    Painless Productions
  • CBS Sports
    Production Assistant-Statistician
    NFL Football-CBS Production
  • Ganley’s Got It
    Grip Assistant
    Still Water Production
  • Six Flags
    Production Assistant
    Techno Sonic Studios
  • Reading is Fundamental
    Production Assistant
    NBA Entertainment
  • Judge and Jury
    Assistant Director,Co-Producer,Locations
    Atrix International Productions
  • Koochie-Energy Drink
    Prism Video with Dream Maker Prod.
  • Left For Dead
    Co-Producer,Assistant Director
    Cinevid Productions with Dream Maker Prod.
  • We Have Your Daughter
    Assistant Director,Associate Producer
    Cinevid Productions
  • American Cancer Society
    Public Health Television
  • Bellefaire: Adoption Services
    Grip, Casting Director
    Public Health Television
  • Verizion Academic All American Hall of Fame
    Mills-James Productions
  • Building Mutual Respect: Breaking the Cycle
    Key Grip
    Peaksville Post Productions
  • The Seeing
    Assistant Special Effects,Second Unit Camera
    Video Verite Productions
  • Mullee
    Key Grip,Locations
    Palmieri Productions
  • Embedded Planet
    Access Video
  • Cirque Du Soleil(Quidam)
    Cirque Du Soleil Productions
  • Hispanic Kidney Project(Working title)
    Casting Assistant
    Public Health Television
  • Psyclone
    Key Grip,Boom Operator
    Cinevid Productions
  • Soupernatural
    Boom Operator
    Candlejump Productions
  • Lieber and Solo
    Production Assistant
    Cito Corporation
  • Mobile Production Television Unit
    Dolly Grip, Extras Casting Assistant
    NASA Productions
  • Venus
    Grip,Boom Operator , Extra Casting Assistant
    Guerrilla Productions
  • Ordinary Madness
    Production Assistant
    Alchemy Pictures
  • Lets Just be Friends
    Sound Mixer,
    Highway Pictures
  • Grass Roots
    Assistant Editor, Grip,
    CRG Media Inc.
  • Common Sense:Self Defense for Women
    Boom Operator
    Guerrilla Productions
  • Hip Hop for Life
    Production Assistant
    Velocity Productions
  • Love in a Straight Jacket
    Dolly Grip,Grip
    Head to Head Production Co.
  • Music Rights
    Grip Assistant,Gaffer Assistant
    Clear Window Production Co.
  • Natural Bridges
    Boom Operator,Sound
    Natural Bridges LLC
  • Regency Window
    Production Assistant
    Channel 19 WOIO Productions
  • I Dare You to Kill Her
    Prelude Productions


  • I.B.E.W. Inside Wireman
  • D.P. Lighting Workshop: David Litz with Robert Banks
  • Playhouse Square Center: Education Department Presents: Lighting Workshop//Broadway Backstage Master Class

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